Noyeleul Chungdong-gumaehae Beolyeossda

노예를 충동구매해 버렸다

Noyeleul Chungdong-gumaehae Beolyeossda
TitleNoyeleul Chungdong-gumaehae Beolyeossda
Original title노예를 충동구매해 버렸다
AliasesThe Untouchable On Leash
Publishers ArchiveFactory


“Why….did you buy me….?”

“It was an impulse.”

“ It just happened.”

The slave at an auction reminds Eska Blante her childhood friend.

She decides to purchase the crippled knight, and tries her best to help him in order to give him freedom.

However what this homeless man wants is not freedom but her obsession and restrains.

The decision they make for each other does not always bring a happy ending.

[From Kickstarter]


2018-01-1217+  Noyeleul Chungdong-gumaehae BeolyeossdaNon-freeCommercialInternet download  
2019-06-03  The Untamed - DemoFreewareCommercialInternet download  
TBA  The UntamedNon-freeCommercialInternet download  

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