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In Blood

TitleIn Blood
DeveloperJaime Scribbles Games
PublishersJaime Scribbles Games


After a night of drinking Eleadora takes a shortcut home through the woods. She’s angry, frustrated, and sad. At the crossroads she trips and cuts her hand on some broken glass. While looking over her wounds she mutters a wish out loud that calls upon an ancient and forgotten force that changes her life forever.

She wakes up in an unknown room, in an unknown house, on an unknown plane of existence. Surrounded by horrors and death she must attempt to find an ally among the other occupants of the house. It’s clear they don’t have her best interests in mind, and trusting them could be deadly.

Survive and try to maintain your humanity.

Escape, if you still want to.

Escape, if they’ll let you.



English (2)
2020-05-23In Blood - Demo
2021-10In Blood


Full character list

Character summary

BrentonMain character
Voiced by Kevin K. Gomez
ErisMain character
Voiced by Wes Haas
KaronMain character
Voiced by Kieran Flitton
SetaMain character
Voiced by Abigail Turner
TristinMain character
NyarbalteSide character
Voiced by Bradley Gareth

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