Shin Sakura Taisen


Shin Sakura Taisen
TitleShin Sakura Taisen
Original title新サクラ大戦
AliasesShin Sakura Wars
Publishers Sega
Shares characters
Sakura Taisen
Sakura Taisen 4 ~Koiseyo Otome~
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Taisho Era Year 29. Twelve years after Sakura Wars 5.

The former Combat Revues of Tokyo, Paris and New York have disappeared ten years ago during a cataclysm, the “Great Demon Cleansing War”. However, new Combat Revue have now been formed in each city of the world, and all of them are competing in the “World Combat Revues Great War” contest.

The story will follow the protagonist and his Revue as they protect the Imperial Capital from demons and clash with Combat Revues from around the world.

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Character summary

Protagonist Kamiyama Seijuurou
Voiced by Azakami Youhei
Main character Amamiya Sakura
Voiced by Sakura Ayane
Main character Anastasia Palma
Voiced by Fukuhara Ayaka
Main character Clarisse
Voiced by Hayami Saori
Main character Mochizuki Azami
Voiced by Yamamura Hibiku
Main character Shinonome Hatsuho
Voiced by Uchida Maaya
Side character Arthur
Side character Elise
Voiced by Mizuki Nana
Side character Hongou Hiromi
Voiced by Terui Haruka
Side character Huan Yui
Voiced by Uesaka Sumire
Side character Kanzaki Sumire
Voiced by Tomizawa Michie
Side character Lancelot
Voiced by Numakura Manami
Side character Margarete
Voiced by Kugimiya Rie
Side character Murasame Hakushuu
Side character Saijou Itsuki
Voiced by Yoshioka Mayu
Side character Yang Xiaolong
Side character Yasha
Voiced by Yokoyama Chisa

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