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v26238.112021-02-22 at 07:26eacilSuzukuri Karin-chanReverted to revision v26238.7 shortened url and fantl info have nothing to do in this field
v26238.102021-02-22 at 07:20tbhoang12Suzukuri Karin-chanrev3 eng
v26238.92021-02-22 at 07:13tbhoang12Suzukuri Karin-chanrev2 eng
v26238.82021-02-22 at 07:11tbhoang12Suzukuri Karin-chanrev1 english
v26238.72021-02-17 at 22:04mutsukiSuzukuri Karin-chanReverted to revision v26238.5 wrong res
v26238.62021-02-17 at 18:28tbhoang12Suzukuri Karin-chan[URL="https://ouo.io/n2InLbE"]Early Access Prologue UI ENG patch is available[/URL]
v26238.52020-09-24 at 10:00nekonekogirlSuzukuri Karin-chanstaff
v26238.42019-12-30 at 09:55thewayfarerSuzukuri Karin-chanAdding description from a blog.
v26238.32019-12-23 at 20:40traumatizerSuzukuri Karin-chancast, staff
v26238.22019-12-23 at 03:24mikiruSuzukuri Karin-chanLength
v26238.12019-07-25 at 21:44eacilSuzukuri Karin-chanvn; go figure what Koihime I am supposed to link