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Purelover Flavor ~Hajimari no Basho~

ぴゅあらばフレーバー ~始まりの場所~

ぴゅあらばフレーバー ~始まりの場所~
Purelover Flavor ~Hajimari no Basho~
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The protagonist was an office lady, but on Christmas day it came out that her company went bankrupt! And even more, it came out that her boyfriend was two-timing her!
It was supposed to be a happy Christmastime, but unluckily she lost both her job and boyfriend in one fell swoop.

With the dawn of a new year she was invited to work at the bar Casina by a friend of hers, and still being uncertain of her future she accepted.
A variety of meetings awaited her there, with the bartender, her former boss, and other regular customers.

"That's right, It's no use thinking about the past. With this new job and new relationships I can find my new self!"

Can she concentrate on passionately working?
Will she devote herself to having wonderful new encounters?
Or maybe... Both?