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Tenshou Hanayome Nikki - Gai


TitleTenshou Hanayome Nikki - Gai
Original title天照花嫁日記・外
AliasesTensho Bride Diary G
LengthVery short (< 2 hours)


"Might of heaven" - the unique spiritual essence that gives all things life.

Once the gods were respected, and once they lived among human society in plentiful number.

Izumo, Yomi, Takachiho, Ryugu... these were the four great kingdoms of what was called Kamimura.

The gods lived as kings of these kingdoms. But to be queen... was to have unparalleled power.

"Tensho"... the cycle of life and rebirth, autumn and spring.

For over 2500 years the god Tensho had reigned above all others.

The chronicle of the domestication of a goddess.
This is the 3rd Tensho Bride Diary.

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2012-11-20All agesTenshou Hanayome Nikki - Gai

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Tenshou Hanayome Nikki - Gai

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