Maria: Kimitachi ga Umareta Wake

マリア 君たちが生まれた理由

Maria: Kimitachi ga Umareta Wake
TitleMaria: Kimitachi ga Umareta Wake
Original titleマリア 君たちが生まれた理由
Publishers Axela & Break
Maria 2: Jutai Kokuchi no Nazo
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In this game, you play as a young psychiatrist named Takano. One day a new patient is brought into the hospital you work in - Maria, a young woman who has attempted suicide. She suffers from amnesia, and you try to find out more about her, visiting her and talking to her. Before long you discover that Maria has schizophrenia - a split personality. Her "other self" appears to be evil and threatens to take over her. The fight for Maria's sanity begins.

The game plays like an interactive novel or movie: you read text and from time to time make a choice from two or more available ones. Instead of the standard 2D animé-style graphics the game utilizes semi-realistic CG pre-rendered backgrounds and characters. There are also CG animated movies in the game.


1997-12-11  Maria: Kimitachi ga Umareta WakeNon-freeCommercial3 CDs  
1997-12-11  Maria: Kimitachi ga Umareta WakeNon-freeCommercial2 CDs  
1998-10-22  Maria: Kimitachi ga Umareta Wake - PlayStation the BestNon-freeCommercial3 CDs  
1999-11-19  Maria: Kimitachi ga Umareta WakeNon-freeCommercial640x480  

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