Xingcun Zhe


Xingcun Zhe
TitleXingcun Zhe
Original title幸存者
DeveloperCC Yao Qin Qin!!!
Publishers CC Yao Qin Qin!!! & Cheng Guang Youxi


You received an invitation and were told to come to a villa in the suburbs to receive a huge amount of inheritance. Because of the desire for money, you readily agree to the invitation. When you arrive at the villa, you discover the truth is that if you want to get a huge amount of inheritance you must win a killing game.

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2016-08-01  Xingcun ZheNot voicedFreewareDoujinContains paid content.  
2019-09-30  Xingcun Zhe / The SurvivorNot voicedNon-freeCommercialInternet download 2 

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