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Mahou Senshi Extra Stage 3 -Hikisakareta Megami-tachi-

魔法戦士エクストラステージ3 -引き裂かれた女神たち-

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Mahou Senshi Extra Stage 3  -Hikisakareta Megami-tachi-Explicit / Tame (14)
魔法戦士エクストラステージ3 -引き裂かれた女神たち-
Mahou Senshi Extra Stage 3 -Hikisakareta Megami-tachi-
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Mahou Senshi Emeroad Knights -Kizuna o Tsumugu Megami-tachi-

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Mahou Senshi Extra Stage 2 ~Gakuen Kangoku~


This is a story which has happened a little bit before the event in Emeroad Knights. During the time of Magic Calamity, the magic-related crime rates increased along with the disasters.

In that moment, Lily and Sugar were investigating a criminal organization that had allowed magic-related prisoners to escape. Then, the organization sent the fugitives to Roa. Moreover, the freed prisoners were all the criminals that were arrested by the two Symphonic Knights.

However, Lily and Sugar fell into a trap during their investigation. As a result, Symphonic Sugar was sent to Roa, a certain confinement ground. On the other hand, Symphonic Lily tried to search for Sugar's whereabouts, but a part of her power was sealed away, and she cannot fight like she used to.

Sugar who had gotten captured was now in a vulnerable state. She continued to be raped by the escaped prisoners and their summoned magical beasts. Although she was worried about Lily's body, Sugar was raped non-stop repeatedly. Meanwhile, Lily who was searching for Sugar fell into various types of traps, and her "unladylike" behaviors were aired to the public.

What exactly are the goals of the criminals? And will the separated Symphonic Knights be able to escape from this danger?

[Translated from Getchu]


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