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Fixing Things

TitleFixing Things
DeveloperConor Hehr
PublishersConor Hehr


Amos knows what it's like to have friends, but he doesn't know what it's like to having a lasting friendship. Everyone he's ever considered one of his best friends has left at some point and they're no longer communicating with each other. Combine this with the fact Amos hasn't been doing well in general the past few years, he has become very pessimistic and hardly ever looks at the bright side of things.

He starts his senior year not expecting much and then a cheerful girl named Cara starts talking to him which irritates him. Not only this, but he has to deal with a slow older brother and a younger sister that's even more upset with life than he is. Can Amos survive his final year in high school?


2020-06-0613+Fixing Things - Demo
TBA13+Fixing Things


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