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The Doll in Azure Eyes


TitleThe Doll in Azure Eyes
Original title苍蓝眼瞳的人偶


Ordinary and unchanging daily, calm and peaceful campus,
Companion and less connected students, her around, and them.
It’s just awkward to connect people who are not connected.
Everything starts under the blue sky,
Then everything is gradually being broken.
Fall into panic, fall into pain, and even die.
However, it will not give up.
No matter what kind of past, no matter what the present is.
Even if the future is already doomed, still be able to keep the promise.
Just because of the blue cockroach.
She is still smiling so far.

Main characters



Introverted under classmate. Once in a while, she bumps into the protagonist; very shy and fearful. She appears to like reading books a lot.
In her eyes, she always lets out feelings of insecurity.




She came to this school very suddenly, a weird transfer student. After coming into the class, she immediately draw a borderline with everyone.
Wearing black gloves, she likes to haunt on the roof. However, her real identity may not be that simple.

“Then, do me this little favor”



A blonde girl of unknown identity, blue eye balls like a doll.
She is constantly conducting investigations regarding the incidents happening on school.

“Ah. You came”

Ye ShuangYing


The protagonist’s class and table mate, there is something strange with her personality, she’s isolated by her surroundings and doesn’t really have friends. No matter the season, she always wears high sleeves, a scarf and gloves. Weakish body, she constantly asks for a sick leave, to go home and rest.

“Aren’t we both people who have no friends”