The Raintime

The Raintime
TitleThe Raintime
Publishers SOCAH


At first glance, William is a lazy college student. He spends his days sleeping in, skipping lectures, drinking with his friends and gathering up courage to talk to Jasmine, who's on the theater committee. But over the last few weeks a mysterious restlessness has come over him. He's distanced himself from his friends, spends his time alone in his room and harbors thoughts that cannot bear the light of day . . .

Slowly, William is coming to the realization that the world he lives in is no more than an illusion. The city, the university, the artificial island upon which he lives, all are unnatural abominations against humanity, that need to be undone in order for history to take it's due course.

Delve into William's mind as his last links to reality slowly unravel.

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