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Yuukyuu Gensoukyouku 2nd Album

悠久幻想曲 2nd Album

TitleYuukyuu Gensoukyouku 2nd Album
Original title悠久幻想曲 2nd Album
Yuukyuu Gensoukyoku


The Third Division Vigilante Corps have earned the trust of the people of Enfield, and under the popular Commander Neumann, they have worked hard to earn this trust. However, Neumann is now gone, leaving the third division with low morale and little work, and eventually the main character from the previous game is the only member left. The third division is to be disbanded, but he appeals to the director, and is given one year to restore the third division to its former glory.

Yūkyū Gensōkyoku: 2nd Album follows directly after the events of the first game, and is once more a traditional Japanese adventure game. You must gather your group to perform jobs for the people of Enfield, and interact with the various characters around town.

[from MobyGames]


1998-02-26Yuukyuu Gensoukyouku 2nd Album
1998-03-26Yuukyuu Gensoukyouku 2nd Album


  • Character design
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  • Character design
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    • Character design
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        Full character list

        Character summary

        Albert ColainMain character
        Celine WhitesnowMain character
        Voiced by Miyamura Yuuko
        Diana RainyMain character
        Voiced by Asada Youko
        Eve GallagherMain character
        Voiced by Amano Yuri
        Laura NewfieldMain character
        Voiced by Kanamaru Hinako
        Lou SimmonsMain character
        Rio BackstarMain character
        Voiced by Hisakawa Aya
        Tachibana YuraMain character
        Voiced by Sakuma Rei
        Tricia FosterMain character
        Voiced by Iizuka Mayumi
        Vanessa WarrenMain character
        Voiced by Tsuru Hiromi

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