Bukesiyi Yong Bing Tuan


Bukesiyi Yong Bing Tuan
TitleBukesiyi Yong Bing Tuan
Original title不可思议佣兵团
DeveloperZhe Deng Gongzuo Shi
Publishers Zhe Deng Gongzuo Shi


With the rise of professional soldiers, the status of mercenary groups is at stake in the mainland. The Garonne Mercenary Corps, which once resisted the Orc's attack, appeared to be more lonely after the head of the team disappeared. The sudden mission of the Rose broke the daily routine of the mercenary group that survived the struggle. Is it a trap? Still an opportunity? What is hidden behind the royal mission?

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Fantasy 3.0


2019-10-04  Bukesiyi Yong Bing TuanNot voicedNon-freeDoujinInternet download 2 

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