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Cry - Cryptid's Plea

TitleCry - Cryptid's Plea
AliasesCRY: Hunter's Record
DeveloperLesbian Cryptid Roadtrip
PublishersLesbian Cryptid Roadtrip


The CRY series focuses on the tale of a Witch and a Hunter, two women who contend with the fears and struggles of trying to survive in a world where the system is stacked against people like them. CRY: Hunter’s Record is the opening chapter of this drama; a Witch with hopes of a better world for Cryptids teams up with a Hunter with nothing left to lose, and together the two work to save as many mythical creatures as they can. Sometimes they’re successful in helping these beasties and supernatural critters adapt to modern society, and sometimes the violence inherent in the system is too much to overcome.



2018-11-01Cry - Cryptid's Plea

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Cry - Cryptid's Plea

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