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Kamisama no Shippo ~Etogami-sama tachi no Ongaeshi~

神様のしっぽ ~干支神さまたちの恩返し~

TitleKamisama no Shippo ~Etogami-sama tachi no Ongaeshi~
Original title神様のしっぽ ~干支神さまたちの恩返し~
AliasesKamisama, Kamishippo
LengthLong (30 - 50 hours)
DeveloperDESSERT Soft
PublishersDESSERT Soft
Xinyuanwu Hanhuazu
Same setting
Heroine wa Tomodachi Desu ka? Koibito...
Shops» JP¥ 9350 @ DLsite (jpn)


In the remote village of Tenbu, watched over by the gods, lies a shrine where the twelve zodiac signs are enshrined. Akinari is a young man who had been taken in by the Asatsuki family that currently runs the shrine when he was a baby. He secretly possesses a mysterious ability: he can understand what animals say. Since he likes animals more than others, he used this power to enjoy his life every day.

However, his everyday life changed one day after he casually inserted a precious orb into a mysterious stone slab in the shrine’s storehouse. The statues of the twelve zodiac signs suddenly vanished, and were seemingly replaced by twelve girls, the Etogami. They began living together after an unexpected turn of events, and he became good friends with them due to his innate love for animals.

Renge, his childhood friend and the sole daughter of the Asatsuki household, wished for everyone to gather around dining table, which was too big for just the two of them. Akinari always wanted to have family to call his own, so he decided to welcome the twelve of them as family. This is the beginning of a wondrous fairy tale with the twelve zodiac signs.

[From Hau~ Omochikaeri~!]

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