Edit history of Custom Order Maid 3D 2

v26900.42019-11-16 at 16:17beliarCustom Order Maid 3D 2Reverted to revision v26900.2 Those screens were really bad. Added some screens in 1920x1080 res, though they are from early in the game.
v26900.32019-11-10 at 06:58sakurakoiCustom Order Maid 3D 2temp screenshots directly from Nutaku, there is no "native resolution" and I am afraid that 4k, times 4, would be no good either.
v26900.22019-11-10 at 06:50sakurakoiCustom Order Maid 3D 2VA
v26900.12019-11-10 at 05:43sakurakoiCustom Order Maid 3D 2finally added and yes, time is heavily skewed towards reading rather than playing (75/25 at least) and there is plenty of narration. Edited to be