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Digital Ange ~Dennou Tenshi SS~

デジタルアンジュ ~電脳天使SS~

TitleDigital Ange ~Dennou Tenshi SS~
Original titleデジタルアンジュ ~電脳天使SS~
AliasesDennou Tenshi Spiral Story
PublishersTokuma Shoten Publishing Co.
Same series
Dennou Tenshi: Digital Ange
LinksWikipedia (ja), Wikidata
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Is it difficult to be kind to people? Do you believe that love is stronger than weapons?

The end of the world grows near. Whether it can be saved or not depends on the answers to these questions.

[From vndbreview]


1997-06-20All agesDigital Ange ~Dennou Tenshi SS~


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