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Camper City, a city that is mixed by a special race. Wolf, blood and witch...
They abide by the contents of the "Peace Agreement" and live together in this city--
Until a premeditated live murder broke the peace.

Since the birth of the "Peace Agreement", a representative from the three parties will attend the signing ceremony every ten years.
The daughter of the true ancestors Charlotte Christopher was present as a representative, but was killed.

Who is the murderer?
The case that was concealed ten years ago was regarded as the motive for committing crimes and became the most favorable direct evidence of murder (the daughter of the true ancestors).

At the same time, the daughter of the true ancestor who gained the chance to regenerate in the werewolf girl,
I haven't had time to adapt to the werewolf identity...

was told that ... the police suspected that the suspect was actually himself

From the victim to the suspect, how to self-certify innocence is imminent.

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