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Because this game appears to be a collection of stories, it can't be guaranteed that all four of these are mutually connected, but at least there is two-way connections between this game and the three other games.
Relations[empty][official] Same setting: Kimi to Yumemishi
[official] Same setting: Newton to Ringo no Ki
[official] Same setting: Mirai Radio to Jinkou-bato

Hakuchuumu no Aojashin


Hakuchuumu no Aojashin
TitleHakuchuumu no Aojashin
Original title白昼夢の青写真
AliasesThe girl who's called the world
Publishers Laplacian
Same setting
Kimi to Yumemishi
Mirai Radio to Jinkou-bato
Newton to Ringo no Ki


All of humanity has come to share the same dreams.
Some nights, a tale of adultery between a teacher and his student.
Other nights, a romance between a commoner playwright and a noblewoman actress.
Yet other nights, a story of burgeoning love between a truant young man and a teacher-in-training.
Again and again people see these same three dreams.
Why does everyone now endlessly experience these dreams?
This is the story of the girl who's called the world.

[Translated from the official page]


2020-03-2718+  Hakuchuumu no AojashinNon-freeCommercial  


Character summary

Protagonist Amei Kanna
Protagonist Arishima Kaoru
Protagonist William Shakespeare
Main character Hatano Rin
Main character Momonouchi Sumomo
Main character Olivia Berry
Side character Arishima Rishouko
Voiced by Haruno Iroha
Side character Harold Spencer
Side character Matsukaze Azuki
Voiced by Haruno Iroha

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