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Sugar Sugar Rune: Koi mo Oshare mo Pick-Up!

シュガシュガルーン -恋もおしゃれもピックアップ!

シュガシュガルーン -恋もおしゃれもピックアップ!
Sugar Sugar Rune: Koi mo Oshare mo Pick-Up!
AliasesSugar Sugar Rune: Pick Up Love & Fashion!
Play timeUnknown
DeveloperDimps Corporation
PublishersBandai Co., Ltd.
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Related anime[DB-ANN] Sugar Sugar Rune (TV Series, 2005)


Based on Anno Moyoco's Sugar Sugar Rune manga/anime.

In this adventure game you can play as either Vanilla or Chocola competing for the title Queen of the Demon Kingdom by collecting the most hearts of boys they romance. They are helped by a mentor and guardian witch named Rockin Robin. And each has a familiar: Blanca (mouse) and Duke (frog).

Prior to their heading out for the day, you'll have to dress the two as you see fit, your goal being to make them win the hearts of all the boys at school. The game includes over 10 boys, including a few original creations.

Aside from decorating your room you can also gain new clothing and accessories. Each day you make sure the girls are groomed (hair brushing, styling, etc.), stylishly dressed, and well-exercised before sending them off to school. There are different tasks to accomplish which may help you with your mood or with the boys that involve planting or watering flowers or even getting your fortune told.

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2005-12-15AllSugar Sugar Rune: Koi mo Oshare mo Pick-Up!


              Full character list

              Character summary

              Katou ChocolatProtagonist
              Aisu VanillaProtagonist
              Voiced by Ihata Juri
              Rockin' RobinMain character
              Voiced by Tsuda Kenjirou
              Mikado AkiraMain character
              Voiced by Kikuchi Kokoro
              HouxSide character
              Voiced by Kimura Ryouhei
              Candy MieuxSide character
              Voiced by Shimamoto Sumi
              SauleSide character
              Voiced by Iwahashi Naoya
              Nanako WalshSide character
              Voiced by Ise Mariya
              BlancaSide character
              Voiced by Yokoyama Chisa
              Mimura JunSide character
              Arisaka NatsumeSide character
              Voiced by Hanamura Satomi
              Sugiyama TaijiSide character
              Voiced by Kokuryuu Sachi
              Nishitani HajimeSide character
              Voiced by Nakagawa Akira

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