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Dystopia no Ou


TitleDystopia no Ou
Original titleディストピアの王
AliasesKing of Dystopia


Our story takes place in a time where the world is governed by a debilitating network of A.I.ーThe poor and rich deeply divided, neither party ever associating with the other. It is a world that once revolved around joy and pleasure, but that was coming to an end.

Barely surviving, “music” itself, in all aspects of the term, was also becoming obsolete.

Having grown up in a privileged environment, “Inga Kiriku” leaves home and heads to the slums to become a rock star that will have the world on its knees.


2021-04-3018+Dystopia no Ou


Full character list

Character summary

Inga KirikuProtagonist
Voiced by Fuyuno Kumaniku
Kachou SuimeiMain character
Voiced by Ii Kinniku
Kuwagata HanzaMain character
Voiced by Hiruma Mahiru
Murasaki AnjiMain character
Voiced by Kuki Masaru
Tobari RikyouMain character
Voiced by Kawamura Masato

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