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Original titleねんしょう!
DeveloperCreative Freaks Inc.
PublishersCreative Freaks Inc.
Same series
Nenshou! For Girls


Players train in real life with the help of childhood friend Mayu Uehara, and progress the story by clearing preset “trials” like performing 50 sit-ups in three minutes. As the story advances you become closer with Mayu, but the trials become more demanding. Clearing the story may take several months of training, but stick with it and you’ll have something to show for in the real world as well!


Japanese (1)
English (1)
201310+Burn Your Fat With Me!


  • Vocals
  • Amanda LeeEnglish OP "Equation of Happiness"
  • Vocals
  • Amanda LeeEnglish OP "Equation of Happiness"

    Full character list

    Character summary

    Hashio YukiMain character
    Voiced by
    Apphia YuEnglish
    Katou EmiriJapanese
    Kugawa MarikaMain character
    Voiced by
    Amber Lee ConnorsEnglish
    Kurumi HinaJapanese
    Minagawa ErikaMain character
    Voiced by Tokui SoraJapanese
    Tsuzuki SakuraMain character
    Voiced by Kurosawa TomoyoJapanese
    Uehara MayuMain character
    Voiced by
    Rina AdachiEnglish
    Satou MilkJapanese
    Yamada SanaMain character
    Voiced by
    Amanda LeeEnglish
    Ootsubo YukaJapanese

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