Hara Hara!! ~Nakadashi Gakuen Se~katsu~

孕ら☆ハラっ!! ~中出し学園せ~かつ~

TitleHara Hara!! ~Nakadashi Gakuen Se~katsu~
Original title孕ら☆ハラっ!! ~中出し学園せ~かつ~
Publishers Swaneye
Hara ☆ Para!! ~Swan Nakadashi Paradise~


The main character and his friends organize a club called "Sex Pleasure Club". The main purpose of this club is to give the girls sexual pleasure. But, the girls object to it, especially Natsuki, who is the main character's childhood friend. Their battle has just begun! Will the boys be able to give the girls sexual pleasure, and make them approve it...?

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