Haramasete Hitozuma


TitleHaramasete Hitozuma
Original titleハラマセテ人妻
Publishers N43 Project & Matsuri Kikaku
Same series
Haramasete Hitozuma 2


Tadashi is a web designer. He puts up patiently with his boss's hail of abuse everyday. He can't talk back to her because she is a wife of president of his company. One day, he sees Kengo, a son of a councilor, on his way home and he is surprised to see his wife. It's Kurea, his childhood friend. He runs away from the scene and hurries home. However, he sees Tsugumi, his childhood friend, as well. It seems she has just moved to a new apartment. Just when he is about to approach her, he finds a man talking to her. It's her husband! "Why!! I wanna be happy! Ok, I'll be happy by robbing them of their happy life.... I just wanna see their faces when their happy life is destroyed...."

[From ErogeShop]

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