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Title(s)[en] In Love: Memories Can’t Wait[en] Memories Can’t Wait

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Memories Can’t Wait

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Memories Can’t Wait
Play timeUnknown
DeveloperNTT Solmare Corporation
PublishersNTT Solmare Corporation


The story starts with a scene in which you (the reader) awaken to realize that you have lost your memory. Three beautiful men appeared in front of you-Alan, a confident elite businessman; Julian, a passionate bar owner; and Ken, an intelligent and gentle professor. They offer you help, and gradually your memory returns as you spend time together. However, you come to realize that they have their own traumatic pasts, and an unforeseen and mysterious danger awaits you.
Is there anyone you can trust? With whom will you fall in love?
Once all the mysteries have been solved, who will be by your side?
Being surrounded by these awesome men, you won’t be able to put down this romantic story of suspense.

[From official release announcement]


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2013-10-0817+In Love: Memories Can’t Wait

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