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MemOff Mix


TitleMemOff Mix
Original titleメモオフみっくす
AliasesMemories Off Mix
PublishersKID & Success
Shares characters
Memories Off
Memories Off 2nd
Omoide ni Kawaru Kimi ~Memories Off~
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Ayaka, Tomoya's girlfriend who went to heaven, suddenly appeared before Shin. He told him she had lost her "Angel Wings" and had to get them back to go back to heaven but... she doesn't have any clue of how do they look like! The only way to find out is to meet people with "wishes" in their hearts, who happen to be the heroines of the three first games in the Memories Off franchise. Through minigames, they'll be able to solve this conflict, and let Ayaka go back to heaven.


2003-09-25All agesMemOff Mix
2005-03-24All agesMemOff Mix (SuperLite 2000 Ren'ai Adventure)


Full character list

Character summary

Inaho ShinProtagonist
Voiced by Majima Junji
Futami ShionMain character
Voiced by Kagata Yuuko
Hizuki AyakaMain character
Voiced by Yamamoto Maria
Ibuki MinamoMain character
Voiced by Kawai Kumi
Imasaka YueMain character
Voiced by Nasu Megumi
Kashima MifuMain character
Voiced by Shiratori Yuri
Kashima NeoMain character
Voiced by Shimizu Ai
Kirishima KoyomiMain character
Voiced by Asano Ruri
Kitahara NayutaMain character
Kodama HibikiMain character
Voiced by Asano Masumi
Kurosu KanataMain character
Voiced by Fukui Yukari
Maikata KanaMain character
Voiced by Matsuki Miyu
Minami TsubameMain character
Voiced by Ikezawa Haruna
Momose TamakiMain character
Narumi IsakoMain character
Voiced by Kawasumi Ayako
Otowa KaoruMain character
Voiced by Tamura Yukari
Shirakawa HotaruMain character
Voiced by Mizuki Nana
Shirakawa ShizuruMain character
Voiced by Kikuchi Shiho
Souma MegumiMain character
Voiced by Nanri Yuuka
Suzuna TakanoMain character
Voiced by Chiba Saeko
Tobise TomoeMain character
Hida TobiraSide character

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