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v27691.172020-07-05 at 16:49desannTenmei no Conquista+3 cast
v27691.162020-06-03 at 22:50mikiruTenmei no ConquistaThe game is very short, unlike other Eushully games. It will take about 30-40 hours to fully close
v27691.152020-06-01 at 13:42fuukanouTenmei no ConquistaReverted to revision v27691.12 Please read link and link
v27691.142020-06-01 at 13:40mikiruTenmei no Conquista+1
v27691.132020-06-01 at 13:39mikiruTenmei no ConquistaNonsense. The fact that I do not have the necessary permission for the game does not mean that I cannot "comfortably" play in this permission. In the
v27691.122020-06-01 at 08:27tsukaiTenmei no ConquistaFixed length
v27691.112020-05-30 at 19:57fuukanouTenmei no ConquistaReverted to revision v27691.9 wrong resolution
v27691.102020-05-30 at 18:42mikiruTenmei no ConquistaScreenshots
v27691.92020-05-29 at 01:50mikiruTenmei no ConquistaLength
v27691.82020-05-01 at 07:00lotuscaleTenmei no ConquistaAdd staff.
v27691.72020-04-28 at 23:54kancasTenmei no ConquistaCast
v27691.62020-04-14 at 22:55mikiruTenmei no ConquistaED Info
v27691.52020-02-27 at 16:56mikiruTenmei no ConquistaOp
v27691.42020-01-18 at 17:42shinnewTenmei no ConquistaStaff. link
v27691.32020-01-17 at 10:13mikiruTenmei no ConquistaArtists and BGM + the EU blog mentions that the game is about catching angels (and mobs), not princesses, so I think it will be appropriate to put
v27691.22020-01-17 at 01:00cinzyaTenmei no ConquistaConquista is proper the romanization of コンキスタ. Since all Eushully titles follow the pattern of properly romanizing the katakana, I don't see the
v27691.12020-01-16 at 21:44mikiruTenmei no KonkisutaNew