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Let's Seduce the Heroine!

Let's Seduce the Heroine!Safe / Tame (15)
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Let's Seduce the Heroine!
StatusIn development
Play timeUnknown
DeveloperRazzart Visual
PublishersRazzart Visual


After spending weeks grinding an otome game in pursuit of its hidden yuri route, a freak accident transports Erika into the body of the game's antagonist: the evil void witch, Queen Esmeralda.

Erika quickly realizes the gruesome situation that she's in. The fact is that every single route she played in the game has led to the witch's death - starting from the moment when the heroine falls in love with one of her protectors - the Heart Knights.

"But what if the princess doesn't fall for one of her knights?"

For the sake of self-preservation, Erika must adopt the role of Queen Esmeralda, her polar opposite, and seduce the heroine for herself, all while fending off otome stereotypes and trying to find a way back home.