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Awakening of Celestial

TitleAwakening of Celestial
LengthMedium (10 - 30 hours)
DeveloperCelestial Project
PublishersCelestial Project


Star-link, a high school idol group will leave their school life to a performance that they will never forget. The prom night that would fill them with beautiful memories suddenly took an abrupt turn when a light hit them. They’re transported into Stellarium, an unimaginable fantasy world.

The incident leads them to meet the heroes that will guide them on an adventure to fight a mysterious enemy so they can return back to Earth. By undertaking this adventures they will soon learn that they aren’t just ordinary girls!

Why are they chosen? Who are these heroes? And will Star-Link find the hidden powers within their own selves?
Feel the sense of adventure, battle, and idol all at once in this Visual Novel!

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2018-05-22Awakening of Celestial - Demo
2020-02-12Awakening of Celestial

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Awakening of Celestial - Demo

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