Hidamari no Hana


Hidamari no Hana
TitleHidamari no Hana
Original title陽だまりのはな
Publishers Soufuu


Kousaku is back to his hometown because he quit a job angrily. He is supposed to start working at a flower shop that his mother runs. However, the shop is changed to a herb and herb tea shop. His mother tells him to work as a shop manager from today. Kousaku's new life is started.

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2006-03-1018+  Hidamari no HanaNon-freeCommercial1 DVD


Character summary

Main character Nonohara Himawari
Main character Ryuuzaki Chidori
Voiced by Kazuna Sayaka
Main character Senbonzakura Ayane
Main character Tsukishita Sayuki
Main character Yuzushiro Suzuran

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