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KimiKiss Chotto Matome Gekijou

キミキス ちょっとまとめ劇場

TitleKimiKiss Chotto Matome Gekijou
Original titleキミキス ちょっとまとめ劇場
Original game


A collection of nine scenarios with main heroines of KimiKiss and also additional heroines never appearing in KimiKiss. There is also an anniversary parody story and a drama CD.

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Japanese (1)
2008-02-1412+KimiKiss Chotto Matome Gekijou


              Full character list

              Character summary

              Aihara NanaMain character
              Voiced by Nogawa Sakura
              Futami ErikoMain character
              Voiced by Tanaka Rie
              Hoshino YuumiMain character
              Voiced by Koshimizu Ami
              Kawada TomokoMain character
              Voiced by Kawasumi Ayako
              Kuryuu MegumiMain character
              Voiced by Nakahara Mai
              Mizusawa MaoMain character
              Voiced by Ikezawa Haruna
              Sakino AsukaMain character
              Voiced by Hirohashi Ryou
              Satonaka NarumiMain character
              Voiced by Mizuhashi Kaori
              Shijou MitsukiMain character
              Voiced by Noto Mamiko
              Hiiragi AkiraSide character
              Voiced by Fukuyama Jun

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              KimiKiss Chotto Matome Gekijou

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