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Tomorrow Will Be Dying

Tomorrow Will Be Dying
StatusIn development
Play timeUnknown
DeveloperTeam Robo
PublishersTeam Robo


B was popular among her class-mates in high school, often surrounded by people that were drawn to her prince-like demeanor. She was practically the opposite of what others thought her to be, being a dead-pan introvert that spends her days collecting and raising bugs, but she hid away her true self in fear of being isolated. She found safety in the occult club alongside A, C and N, who all had strange interests of their own. However, by the end of their senior year, both A and N disappeared without a trace.

Now B is a nineteen year-old entomology student pursuing her passions at Mokuzai University. She and C have gotten used to their daily life-styles with only each other around, but their paths only truly start to set in motion when A and N unexpectedly crash back into their lives.

Follow along B's story as she reconnects with old friends, makes new ones, and overcomes the traumas of her past.