Rasen Kairou 2


Rasen Kairou 2
TitleRasen Kairou 2
Original title螺旋回廊2
LengthMedium (10 - 30 hours)
Publishers rúf
Same series
Rasen Kairou


EDEN is a land of pleasure. It's an urban legend, and no one knows where it is or whether it really exists. Some have opened up their own web sites based upon available information and call them EDEN. No one knows for sure if these web sites are real or not, but in any case, the name EDEN is a symbol of immorality and anti-socialism. . . Hiroki Okamoto lives with his sister Yori. He likes his sister's tutor, Arisa, who is beautiful and rich.

One day, while Yori, her friend Kaori, and Hiroki are on a trip during summer vacation, Yori ends up missing. Later, Hiroki receives a porno videotape that shows Yori being sexually slave-trained!! Every savage gamer praised the previous episode of Rasen-Kairo since its release in Jan. of 2000. Now, it's back with even more immorality and abnormality! This game features a whole new playing style. The player chooses one character per game, and every time the player completes the story, he/she can move up to the next character's point of view. All the characters' views cross over each other and spin many layers of stories. For example, the player can choose Hiroki's route, the department girl Touko's route, the musician Keiichi's route, or even others. Whichever you choose, you're guaranteed to get caught up in the horror of this psycho thriller!!

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Main characters

Hikami Arisa
Hikami Arisa氷上 有紗 
Voiced byIida Kuu
Kannagi Yoriko
Kannagi Yoriko神無木 頼子 
Voiced byHoujou Asuka
Okamoto Yuuri
Okamoto Yuuri岡本 悠里 
Voiced byNatsuno Himawari
Saki Kaori
Saki Kaori咲 かおり 
Voiced byYamamoto Mao
Suzumi Touko
Suzumi Touko鈴見 瞳子 
Voiced byFujishiro Nao

Side characters

Hikami Maki
Hikami Maki氷上 真紀 
Voiced byMochizuki Yuuya
Terashima Minami
Terashima Minami寺島 実奈美 
Voiced byHinata Yura