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Siesta ~Susuki Nohara no Yumemonogatari~

Siesta ~すすき野原の夢物語~

Siesta ~Susuki Nohara no Yumemonogatari~Safe / Tame (14)
Siesta ~すすき野原の夢物語~
Siesta ~Susuki Nohara no Yumemonogatari~
Aliasesシエスタ ~すすき野原の夢物語~
Play timeUnknown
Alternative version

Susukinohara no Yakusoku

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Our protagonist is a mundane high school student, but suddenly she develops an uncontrollable habit of sleeping at random times... and it interrupts her daily life to a large extent. She lives in a fairytale in her dreams, sometimes she is a princess, at other times she is a magician or a nun. One common aspect that is always present in her dreams is that she encounters men of all kinds.

Furthermore, what's bizarre about this is that in reality, she knows men who are very similar to the ones she have met in her dreams, and if she arranges a date with one of them to a particular place in her dream, she will run into him at a similar dating spot that they had agreed on in reality.

Is this merely a dream?
Or is it a premonition?
Maybe, a memory from the past....

Although it seems extraordinary, the protagonist develops feelings for "him" in her dreams, and naturally starts to get closer with his counter-part in reality.. Eventually, she discovers that he shares her dreams....

One day, the protagonist and he enter the dream together, becoming one with their counter-part in the "dream" world...

What will their future be like in such a surreal world?

[From Inocenta Sanctuary]


Japanese (2)
2002-04-1213+Siesta ~Susuki Nohara no Yumemonogatari~
2013-04-15Siesta ~Susuki Nohara no Yumemonogatari~


Full character list

Character summary

Suzuhara RioProtagonist
Alan HawkeMain character
Voiced by Tokuda Yuusuke
Okuda ShinnosukeMain character
Kobayakawa IppeiMain character
Voiced by Kaneko Noboru
Hanamura RikuMain character
Voiced by Tada Tomomi
Kusanagi ShinobuMain character
Suzuhara RyouMain character
Voiced by Hirata Hiroaki
Hanamura IsaoSide character
Hanamura KaiSide character
Voiced by Tada Tomomi

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Siesta ~Susuki Nohara no Yumemonogatari~

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