Edit history of Collage

v283.142022-08-29 at 23:59NaioHorasCollageed name
v283.132022-08-25 at 23:36EzezinCollageRepeating the same information 3 times is a bit too much, changing edition name (t18992.14).
v283.122022-08-25 at 15:27rastagongCollageadd TL staff
v283.112017-05-06 at 08:58kivandopulusCollagelength
v283.102017-03-23 at 18:59kivandopulusCollagelength
v283.92010-11-01 at 17:07vdzCollageScreenshots
v283.82009-10-10 at 09:00cloudscreamCollageUsed the image from the author's webpage.
v283.72009-10-10 at 08:58cloudscreamCollageIncluded the title in Katakana (from the Author's website)
v283.62009-02-09 at 06:18cloudscreamCollageCollage has a branching plot. Although the choices alter the storyline in a drastic manner (i.e. sudden end of the story leading to a "Game over
v283.52009-02-09 at 06:14cloudscreamCollageThis is an ADV.
v283.42008-07-08 at 22:33nacchiCollage- Edited categories; Collage is a linear game, despite the appearance of choices.
v283.32008-06-22 at 08:43maccasvenneCollage
v283.22008-04-10 at 13:34echomateriaCollage
v283.12008-03-15 at 17:49maccasvenneCollage