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Himitsu no Houkago ~Abunai Dousei Seikatsu~

ひ・み・つの放課後 ~危ない同棲性活~

TitleHimitsu no Houkago ~Abunai Dousei Seikatsu~
Original titleひ・み・つの放課後 ~危ない同棲性活~
PublishersVitamin & Dennou Club
Himitsu no Houkago 2 ~Coach to Oshieg...
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Main character works as a teacher. Director's daughter crashes to his new mortage flat and suggest cohabitation. Protagonist can not go against director's will with all the debts acquired, so two young people start to live together.

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Japanese (5)
2004-01-3018+Himitsu no Houkago ~Abunai Dousei Seikatsu~
2005-01-2818+Himitsu no Houkago R ~Abunai Dousei Seikatsu~
2006-07-2718+Himitsu no Houkago ~Abunai Dousei Seikatsu~ DVDPG
2006-12-2818+Himitsu no Houkago ~Abunai Dousei Seikatsu~ Download Edition
2007-04-2718+Himitsu no Houkago + Himitsu no Houkago 2


Full character list

Character summary

Amamiya KarenMain character
Voiced by Naruse Mai
Aizawa HiyoriSide character
Voiced by Natsuki Biwa
Morimura TakuyaSide character
Voiced by Kazuma
Wakakusa AoiSide character
Voiced by yuri

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