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Title (romaji)Yandere Simulator: Mission Mode - The Visual NovelYandere Simulator: Mission Mode

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Yandere Simulator: Mission Mode

TitleYandere Simulator: Mission Mode
DeveloperStefannofornari Games
PublishersStefannofornari Games
Same setting
[unofficial] Burning Love
Yandere Simulator: Rise of Evil
Yandere Simulator: The Prequel


"For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction."

The year is 2021. Akademi Highschool is still leading with the spread of bullying in its campus. However, the mysterious persona Info and her hired assassin keep control of the situation as they murder the ones marked for death by their clients. That assassin is no one other than Ayano Aishi, a girl with a suffering past of hollowness, love and despair. With no more objectives on her life aside from helping the one who pulled her out of that miserable past, Ayano never thought that she'd deal with her shadows once again... until they come back to end her life. What unfinished business await Ayano and Info? What are the shadows that torment Ayano's life? Who is the girl named Nemesis? Revenge brings a story together in Yandere Simulator: Mission Mode - The Visual Novel.

Yandere Simulator: Mission Mode is a fan-made novel based on the hitman-like mode of the original Yandere Simulator. It centers around Ayano Aishi, a girl working as an assassin for over a year, having to deal with her unfortunate ties of the past that come back to haunt her when she does not expect.

THE UNTOLD STORY: What made Ayano Aishi become an assassin? What brought Akademi Highschool to its fall? Who is Nemesis? All these questions are answered in the dark and emotional storyline of Mission Mode - The Visual Novel.

NEW MODES, NEW CHALLENGES: As a way to incorporate the spirit of the original mode, Mission Mode - The Visual Novel provides players with brand new systems and concepts for a Visual Novel that allows them to choose their own way to kill their target, choose their own difficulty and face many obstacles along the way.

LYING SKILL: Unlock secret dialogue, scenes, locations and routes with the Lying Skill, an ability exclusive to Ayano Aishi that can be used to discover more of the story, and maybe even change it...

AN ENORMOUS STORY: With many different choices, routes and outcomes, Mission Mode offers players an enormous ammount of content for those who want to explore the game to its fullest.

CONCLUSION: Three different routes. Over five different endings. As Ayano makes various decisions, what will be waiting for her in the end of the road?

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2020-03-1514+Yandere Simulator: Mission Mode - Demo

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