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Club Suicide


TitleClub Suicide
Original titleクラブ・スーサイド
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"Just 7 days before their graduation ceremony, as the spring breeze began to blow, these boys wished to end their own lives."

As if to escape from the strife of interpersonal relationships, you became a truant before you knew it. When you came back to school for the first time in a while, an odd club recruitment poster caught your eye.

The name of the club was "Club Suicide".

You didn't have especially strong reasons but somehow you had thoughts of wanting to die. Half out of casual interest and half with serious intent, you ended up taking a look at the club.

"From now within 7 days, we'll completely sever our attachments to this world and end our own lives." You were overcome by the five club members' seriousness and became afraid of committing suicide, quickly coming to think "I want to live" instead.

At the same time, it wasn't like you had the courage nor felt you were in a position to say "actually, I don't want to die", knowing that these boys were seriously working towards ending their own lives...

You carried this secret in your heart and these strange, repulsive 7 days had begun...
7 days of following the boys' desires and dark sides as they headed towards their deaths.

[Translation of the official website's synopsis.]