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Furries & Scalies: Super Scary Halloween Spooky Times

TitleFurries & Scalies: Super Scary Halloween Spooky Times
DeveloperStegalosaurus Game Development
PublishersStegalosaurus Game Development
Same series
Furries & Scalies: Friendswood


The East Arden Mall has seen better days. The 24/7 Halloween shop, Super Scary Halloween Spooky Times, has seen its heyday come and go. But the various mallrats and workers of the mall are fighting back against their Corporate Overlords!

A dark shadow looms as King MacBeth and his mall-eating corporation, MacEmpire, threatens to swallow every mom-and-pop shop in the country of Arden. You have one season to prove that your store can.... like, make the mall profitable? Make sure it doesn't get bought out THIS particular year? Manage your employees, interact with them on a personal level, and train them to be the best Halloween workers ever!

Darn the man. Save the empire. By not selling to the empire.

[From Steam]


2020-06-08Furries & Scalies: Super Scary Halloween Spooky Times

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