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Cherry Kisses

TitleCherry Kisses
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Cerise the gelbeast is the proprietress of Cherry Kisses, a charming little pink sex shop in one of Dewclaw's "amorous zones". She loves to make her customers happy, wink wink. Well, she's not really the type to wink; she'll just ask if you'd like to have sex before you go.

It's up to you to play through a week running her shop! Cerise is pretty easy-going, so sleeping with customers isn't very difficult, but what will you do when there are more folks around than you have time to deal with? They won't all stick around forever, and the choices you make will ripple throughout the rest of the week. Or you can just not worry about it — there are no bad endings, and you don't have to make everyone happy.

But watch out — someone keeps trying to sneak in and ruin everyone's good times...

[From Steam]


2019-03-2318+Cherry Kisses
2019-03-2318+Cherry Kisses HD
2020-04-2318+Cherry Kisses - Version 2

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Cherry Kisses

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