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Ren'ai x Royale


Ren'ai x Royale
Renai X Royale - Love's a Battle
Lian'ai × Juesheng Zhan
Aliases恋ロワ, Koirowa
Play timeLong (30h from 49 votes)
DeveloperASa Project
PublishersASa Project
Xinyuanwu Hanhuazu & Lücha Hanhuazu
Project Gamer Japonés

Ren'ai x Royale - Nonoka & Renna & Yuna Mini After Story

Ren'ai x Royale - Mari & Shione & Ao Mini After Story

Same setting

Ren'ai, Karichaimashita

Futamata Ren'ai

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"I, the new transfer student Hanamaru Mari, like Komachi Hirotaka! Please go out with me!"

Being agitated by his juniors;
Hitting on the student council president;
Chasing after idols.
The protagonist who lives every day carelessly, Komachi Hirotaka.

In the midst of that kind of daily life, a sudden confession...
Her brief statment became the impetus which started the conflict that would engulf the dumbfounded protagonist.

"Why are you ignoring me and being lovey-dovey with these random women!? Are you saying you don't care about me anymore!?"

"Senpai... you know Renna will always do anything you ask for... anything at all."

"Is the reason Nii-san won't pay attention to me because of all these floozies surrounding him?"

Largely without the person being fought over knowing about it, an underhanded and petty battle royale for true love unfolds between the 4 girls!
Whom shall the Goddess of Victory smile upon!?

[Translated from the official site]

French Kiss 3.0 Heroine with Big Breasts 3.0 High School Student Heroine 3.0 Kissing Scene 3.0 Love Rivalry 3.0 Love Triangle 3.0 Normal Scene Recollection 3.0 Perverted Heroine 3.0 Protagonist's Childhood Friend as a Heroine 3.0 School Life Comedy 3.0 Unrequited LoveS 3.0 Male Protagonist 2.9 Protagonist's Younger Sister as a Heroine 2.9 Student Council President Heroine 2.9 Protagonist's Ex as a HeroineS 2.8 Naked Sprites 2.8 Only Virgin Heroines 2.8 School Festival 2.8 The Holiday Season 2.8 Winter 2.8 Missionary Position 2.8 Music Recollection 2.8 Sitting Sex 2.8 High School 2.7 Idol Heroine 2.7 Ojousama Heroine 2.7 Other Perspectives 2.7 Protagonist's Full Sister as a Heroine 2.7 Brocon Heroine 2.6 Marriage EndingS 2.6 Sprite Viewer 2.6 Yandere Heroine 2.6 Blood-related Brother/Sister Incest 2.6 Protagonist's Kouhai as a Heroine 2.6 Protagonist's Senpai as a Heroine 2.6 Student Council 2.6 Student Council Member Heroine 2.6 Student Council Member Protagonist 2.6 Breaking the Fourth Wall 2.6 Backlog Jump 2.5 Childhood Promise 2.5 Defloration 2.5 High School Student Protagonist 2.5 Bleep Censor 2.4 Changeable Font 2.4 Male Friend 2.4 Ladder Structure 2.3 Voice Saving 2.3 ADV 2.3 Censored Text 2.2 Spoons 2.2 Japanese Idols 2.2 Jump to Next Choice 2.2 Protagonist with a Face 2.2 Comedy 2.0 Children EndingS 2.0 Choices from Other Perspectives 2.0 Chosen Choices Marking 2.0 Flashback 2.0 Half-orphan Protagonist 2.0 Insert Songs 2.0 Jump to Prior Choices 2.0 Long Sexual Scenes 2.0 Reiwa Era 2.0 Single Blowjob 2.0 Single Boobjob 2.0 Super Deformed CG's 2.0 Unlockable Gallery 2.0 Maid Support Character 1.9 Brother/Sister Romance 1.7 Donkan Protagonist 1.7 Group of Friends 1.7 Otaku Friend 1.7 PolyamoryS 1.7 ImpregnationS 1.6 Popular Protagonist 1.6 Father Support Character 1.5 Only One Bad Ending 1.5 Pillow Talk 1.5 Love Hotel 1.4 Twins as Support CharactersS 1.4 Forbidden Love 1.3 Childhood Friend Support Character 1.2 Meaningless Choices 1.2 Comedic Sex Scenes 1.0 Discreet Sex 1.0 Intercrural Sex 1.0 Playtime Counter 1.0 Sudden Girlfriend Appearance 1.0


Japanese (5)
2020-10-2318+Ren'ai x Royale - Trial Edition
2020-11-2718+Ren'ai x Royale - First Press Edition
2021-01-1518+Ren'ai x Royale - Download Edition
2021-09-1718+Ren'ai x Royale
2021-12-0118+Ren'ai x Royale Complete Set (drm)
Chinese (simplified) (2)
2021-01-2918+Lian'ai x Juesheng Zhan (unofficial patch)
TBA18+Lian'ai x Zhengduozhan (unofficial patch)
Korean (1)
2021-04-0218+Ren'ai x Royale (unofficial patch)
English (4)
2022-09-30Renai X Royale - Love's a Battle
2022-09-3018+Renai X Royale - Love's a Battle - 18+ Edition
2022-09-3018+Renai X Royale - Love's a Battle - 18+ Patch (patch)
2022-10-02Renai X Royale - Love's a Battle - Incel Removal Patch (unofficial patch)
Spanish (1)
2022-12-1518+Renai X Royale - Love's a Battle (unofficial patch)


Original edition
NekoNyan's translation

    Full character list

    Character summary

    Komachi HirotakaProtagonist
    Amagamine RennaMain character
    Voiced by Shinonome Ria
    Komachi NonokaMain character
    Voiced by Anzu Mitsu
    Harizome ShioneMain character
    Hanamaru MariMain character
    Voiced by Kino Miki
    Kagaya YunaMain character
    Voiced by Kotorii Yuuka
    Iyori AoSide character
    Voiced by Mihane Yuuki
    Sukebe AiSide character
    Voiced by Hanadera Karen
    Amagamine ShionSide character
    Voiced by Kaibara Elena
    Komachi GouSide character
    Kagechika YoshinoriSide character
    Voiced by Kiryuuin Akira
    Kurii ChiyaSide character
    Voiced by Ayumi Sarah
    Kitou IkuyoSide character
    Voiced by Nekomura Yuki

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    934 votes (rank 276)
    7.01 average (rank 3786)
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    Ren'ai x Royale - Trial Edition

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    Ren'ai x Royale - First Press Edition

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    Renai X Royale - Love's a Battle - 18+ Edition

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