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Caricature Camera


TitleCaricature Camera
Original titleカリカチュアカメラ
AliasesKarikame, カリカメ


Okoda Electric Works, where the main character Shinobu Kamo works, went bankrupt and closed due to a shortage of funds.

Employees are at a loss after the president of the company runs away at night. Kamo, who had been lazy every day and had no savings, started gambling as a last resort, which ended up giving him disappointing results as usual.

Fortunately, the story of a part-time job reaches Kamo, who has finally been looking for work to do.

The employer is ---.

Japan Tokyo.
The population continues to grow year by year, people settle in to fill the gap, high-rise buildings line up, people live and die in a section of only a single square meter.

Now everyone is just one of the crowd’s photos.


TBA18+Caricature Camera


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Character summary

Kamo ShinobuProtagonist
Ayanokouji RyuushouMain character
Hachio KazushiroMain character
Ikenaga ReoMain character
Lee-sanMain character
Urabe SoumaMain character
Club ParakeetSide character
Hebiichigo-chanSide character
Inubuse YuuzenSide character
Kamo AoiSide character
Kamoku na GotouSide character
Kamo ShigeruSide character
Ryuusei no MasaSide character
Sunada KiichiSide character

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