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[r73007] sf137856 [Safe / Tame (8)] old flag: Safe
[r73007] sf137857 [Safe / Tame (9)] old flag: Safe

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Temptation's Ballad

TitleTemptation's Ballad
LengthVery short (< 2 hours)


Temptation's Ballad is a fairly linear visual novel in a D&D style medieval fantasy setting. Three idiots from vastly different backgrounds band together in an adventuring party to unravel the magical secrets within the city of Axia. Together, they battle demons, seduce locals, and learn a little about themselves along the way. And probably cause massive property damage.

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2020-07-08All agesTemptation's Ballad 0.1.1

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Main characterCole
Main characterSidd

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Temptation's Ballad 0.1.1

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