Morigan no Yuuutsu ~Inda no Joou~


TitleMorigan no Yuuutsu ~Inda no Joou~
Original titleモリガンの憂鬱~淫堕の女王~
DeveloperKuro Hina
Publishers Hina Soft


Cuchulainn is a legendary hero. He is not only strong but also handsome. Morigan, a battle maiden, is in love with Cuchulainn. One day, she completely destroys his town and kills his fiancee. When Cuchulainn is at a loss what to do, Aife, Morigan's messenger, appears in front of him and advises him to live with Morigan. Cuchulainn gets mad and tells Aife to take him to the Morigan's place. Like this, Cuchulainn's revenge starts....

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