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Tenmusu!? ~Tonikaku Yoku Korobu Dojikko-tachi~


TitleTenmusu!? ~Tonikaku Yoku Korobu Dojikko-tachi~
Original title転娘!?~とにかくよく転ぶドジっ娘たち~
AliasesWe take advantage of every single situation!
LengthMedium (10 - 30 hours)
PublishersOLE & AiCherry
Shares characters
Akibakei Kanojo
Shops» JP¥ 2750 @ DLsite


This is a stumbling love comedy. Many girls such as maids and university students around you stumble but you don't know why this phenomenon happens around you. To stumble is bad for these girls but good for you?

[From ErogeShop]

Main characters