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Angelique Luminized

アンジェリーク ルミナライズ

TitleAngelique Luminized
Original titleアンジェリーク ルミナライズ
DeveloperKoei Tecmo
PublishersKoei Tecmo
Same series
Angelique Etoile


25 years old and single businesswomen- why am i becoming a queen?!
"The universe is being protected by the queen and 9 guardians"


2021All agesAngelique Luminized


              Full character list

              Character summary

              Main characterFelix
              Voiced by Uemura Yuuto
              Main characterKanata
              Voiced by Ootsuka Takeo
              Main characterLorenzo
              Voiced by Takeuchi Ryouta
              Main characterMilan
              Voiced by Komatsu Shouhei
              Main characterNoah
              Voiced by Nanami Hiroki
              Main characterShuri
              Voiced by Satou Takuya
              Main characterVergil
              Voiced by Miyazaki Yuu
              Main characterXeno
              Main characterYue
              Voiced by Tsuchiya Shinba
              Side characterCyrus
              Voiced by Ono Yuuki

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