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A Cottage Story

TitleA Cottage Story


Once upon a time a woman named Catriona Neylan built a cottage in the strange and mysterious forest known as Rossenward. There, she continued her study of botany and work as an apothecary, earning the trust of the creatures residing in the forest...

During her time in Rossenward she had only one apprentice, caretaker and adopted kin.

Play the day-to-day life of the apothecary who lives in Rossenward forest completely removed from modern society. Rossenward forest is home to a number of mystical creatures including fairies, goblins, giants and satyrs, many of whom you consider neighbors and clients. The day is like any other as you tend to the cottage left behind by your godmother, until you're visited by a curious stranger with an urgent request...



2020-07-26A Cottage Story - Demo

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