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Dreamin' Her -Boku wa, Kanojo no Yume o Miru.-

Dreamin' Her -僕は、彼女の夢を見る。-

TitleDreamin' Her -Boku wa, Kanojo no Yume o Miru.-
Original titleDreamin' Her -僕は、彼女の夢を見る。-
Aliasesドリハー, Doriher, DH


From the white sky, the snow fall and running down her cheeks.

We were holding hands, lying on the snow.
When our eyes met, she smiles at me――

――That was the dream I saw when I was a child.
On the day when the town turned white by the snow, me and my childhood friend Mirai lying on the snow.

I wanna stay as it is.

That was what I thought when I was young.
I grew up with a faint love.

I was certain that our feelings were the same.

Until that day.

"Sorry. I'm sorry, Ao. But... I'm sorry."

It wasn't supposed to be like that. It wasn't supposed to be that way.

She was the only one who support my heart, of me who doesn't dream of a great one.
I thought she would be with me no matter what.

But she went away.

Feeling despair of everything, getting up from bed becoming troublesome.
I started to having doubt on "reason for living in this meaningless world"――

Then I, had this particular dream.

Beautiful coast.

White sand beach, calming pale pink sea, a lighthouse that can bee seen in the distance――

――"She" was there.

Mirai's look alike, an ideal girlfriend who will never betray.


TBAAll agesDreamin' Her -Boku wa, Kanojo no Yume o Miru.-


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