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Stories of Submission: Learn Your Place

TitleStories of Submission: Learn Your Place
Play timeVery short (< 2 hours)
DeveloperMarco Marco & Swimming Rock & Zee Vital
PublishersZee Vital
Stories of Submission: Enter the Cuck


Stories of Submission: Learn Your Place is the story of William, a man who thought he had life all figured out: beautiful wife, good job and a decent house. Then it all fell apart. Several years later, he still hasn't managed to pick up the pieces and move on.

His life takes an unusual turn after his fateful encounter with Freyja, a no-nonsense Mistress looking for someone who can be shaped into the perfect servant. William is far from perfect, however. Can he confront his past and the mess he's made of his present for a shot at a new and unexpected future?

[From Steam]

Mini reviews

By rastafoo on 2020-09-04r73704Vote: 7
<report>The game is under an hour long and very straight-forward. Your first time meeting Freyja, you’re a terrible slave who wastes her time. The second time, you impress her, and she considers making you her permanent slave.

The game has 3 erotic scenes and 3 endings. In one ending, you fail to impress Freyja and she fucks another man right in front of you! Then she slams the door in your face and refuses to make you a slave! Getting cucked by a femdom goddess, I almost came in my pants!

I felt like the writer is writing from experience, because the dialogue and setup was so believable.

My only complaint is the shortness of the game. It’s only an hour long with three sex scenes.

(My full thoughts are here link)